Test Methodology



Two years of laborious preparation boils down to doing well on that all important day of the IIT JEE/ pre medical exam. The very nature of this exam instills a lot of pressure in student. Hence, it is very important to build the right examination hall temperament so that students can tackle pressure, suprises and create dynamic exam-management strategies quickly. Hence testing, assessment and frequent mock examinations form the core of DEEKSHA's pedagogy.


Micro Tests are conducted regularly in the class to assess the understanding of the topic by the students. Many of these would be in the form of Surprise Quizzes, so that student are forced to be regular in their preparation.


Held at regular intervals, simulate the pattern and timing of the actual IITJEE/PRE MEDICAL and are held providing a real exam like experience to the students. Students are given extensive practice on all possible question formats. These include MCQs, assertion-reasoning, comprehension based, match the column and other innovative question formats.


Deeksha always believes in synchronize preparation of both board/school and competitive exam. We take chapter wise and unit wise written test of all subjects so that student can excel also in school/board exams.


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