Pre Engineering Preparation

Pre-Engineering Preparation

Deeksha classes are one of the well-known classes in the region. It has helped students with their career in many different ways. We build strong foundation today for a better tomorrow. And the right preparation takes place only when right guidance and approach is given to the students.

When the students are in class 10th, the pre-Engineering classes start, these classes are four times a week and each class is for three hours. That makes the total studying hours of twelve hours a week. Where a weekly test is conducted the subjective paper is based on the school level and the objective paper is based on the JEE (Main)/ JEE (Main + Advanced) level. So the students start getting prepared for the competitive world.

When the student is in class 11th the classes are five days a week and each class is for three hours so the total studying hours become fifteen hours a week. Here also a weekly test is conducted where the subjective paper is at the board level and the objective paper is of JEE (Main)/ JEE (Main + Advanced) level.      

When the student is in 12th class this is the most important and the final level of preparation. The classes held are six days a week and is approximately four to four and a half hours each day that makes it twenty-four hours a week of studying, the other pattern is same weekly test are held, and the paper that is objective type is based on JEE(Main)/ JEE (Main + Advanced) based.

Deeksha Classes provide the best coaching for pre-engineering preparation, we clear all the doubts of the students and give them a practical approach to learning things. We conduct special doubt removing sessions for students where students get to ask questions we give importance to such sessions. We also provide with the study material and design the question papers so that the students get very familiar with patterns of JEE and feel at rest while facing the actual competition.


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